Baby shower

The 5 Ultimate baby gifts for the 2nd time family that will keep everyone happy

1. Restaurant gift cards(to places that deliver): when you have a new baby, a partner back at work and a little person (or 3) to feed, dinner can feel overwhelming to say the least. While there's nothing wrong with the plopping a bunch of random things on your toddlers tray, a hot meal can feel oh so amazing!! Giving the ability to just call and have something yummy, hot and worry free delivered to your home in 30 min is magic on those hard days.


2. Postpartum massage: while 2nd+ deliveries tends to be a little easier on the body, you still just had a baby come out of your body. A massage to help relax and recovery is such an amazing act of self care! If you gift an in home massage make sure the little people can be taken care of!


3. Date night: being a new parent is hard (even the 2nd time around) and couples need a chance to reconnect. Get them a gift card to a close by, but yummy restaurant and pay for their sitter (hint postpartum doulas can do this) once they're ready to get out of the house.


4. Cleaning: after coming home with a new baby the last thing they want to do (and last thing they should be doing) is cleaning. Take that burden away by hiring someone to come do the big stuff! A clean house can take so much anxiety away from a new parent!

5. Postpartum help: you probably saw this coming! Gifting a family a postpartum doula or night nurse can mean sanity! Having someone come in cook you a hot meal, clean up the kitchen, do laundry, sit with you while you feed baby and validate all your emotions, let you sleep/shower/pee in peace, let you have some one on one with your big kid! It's a gift that keeps giving!