I may get an epidural, should I still get a doula? And more must know questions answered!

At Windy City Doulas, one of the things we hear all the time when interviewing with clients is, “I think the idea of a doula is great and we’re interested, but….”

-I am having my baby at the hospital

-I am delivering with an OB

-I want an epidural

-I’ll need to be induced early

-I’m planning a csection

These statements are followed by, “Do you work with families who are planning this type of birth?.” Our answer? Of course, we do!!!!!!

At Windy City Doulas, we believe doulas are for support - end of story.

So yes, we work with clients who are having home births and don’t want any interventions, but the majority of our clients are birthing in hospitals, half our clients are using OBs and many are planning pain medication.

The point is: We don’t care where you are birthing, who you are birthing with or how this baby is coming out of your body. Instead, our goal is for clients to feel that they are heard, respected and a part of the decision-making process. If we help accomplish those things, then we have served you well.

 What then does this type of support look like? It means explaining to clients the realities of their birthing facility and provider so they can make an informed choice.

When a client tells us, “I am not comfortable having a VBAC, but I want a family centered C-section,” we don’t try to convince them to VBAC. Instead, we help develop a list of questions to ask their provider to see if a family center cesarean is possible.

If a client tells us they really want to labor in a tub, we send them a resource list with tub options.

If a client wants a natural low intervention birth, but doesn’t feel comfortable with midwifery care, we send them a list of the amazing OBs our city has.

If an epidural is a client’s number one priority, we discuss the time table for getting an epidural at their delivering facility, who is allowed in and what the procedure will look like.

We love that our clients can feel confident and safe in their birthing space by being educated and supported by everyone involved - including their Windy City Doula!