Our Philosophy

Windy City Doulas has perfected the placenta encapsulation process to make it as seamless as possible for our clients. We allow our clients to pick from Traditional Chinese medicine and the raw method of encapsulation as well as where you would like the preparation to take place (your home or ours-you know what's best). Your safety is our number one concern, so when you book placenta encapsulation services you will be sent specific instructions to walk you through the packaging process (don't worry the nurse can help!) and storage guidelines for your specific birthing location.  

Methods of Encapsulation

Raw Method

With the raw method of encapsulation the placenta is also cleaned, sliced and dehydrated, ground into a powder and then placed into (vegan) capsules. As a result of being dehydrated at a lower temperature and not steamed the raw method capsules can have a more potent effect on energy levels.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Method

With the TCM method of encapsulation the placenta is cleaned, steamed, dehydrated, and then ground before being placed into (vegan) capsules. With the traditional Chinese medicine method pills can be stored indefinitely for help with hormone balancing later in life as well as early postpartum.


Add Ons


A piece of placenta is placed in alcohol and this tincture can be used as your placenta pills would. 


Small pieces of raw placenta prepped and ready to use when need.