Why Belly Binding?

During the 9 or so months a woman is pregnant significant changes to her body occur and once your baby is here there is a healing process that needs to take place to help restore your body to its fullest function. Let postpartum belly binding be a part of that process. Belly binding is ancient practice of using breathable, custom cut muslin to bind your abdomen to allow your muscles to heal. Our postpartum doulas are specifically trained to teach you and your family how to wear this custom binder. Benefits include increased support for back and abdominal muscles, accelerated shrinking of the uterine muscle as well as support as your internal organs settle back into place. 

The Process 

One of our professionally trained team members will come to your home and teach you the binding processes during a 60-90 minute visits. During this visit you will be wrapped to your specifications allowing us to tweak and trim the binding to fit your body. We will then walk you and your family through the steps on how to do it on your own as well as instructions on proper wearing and washing.